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Top 5 Tech Gadgets on Amazon India under Rs. 500 in 2020

Everyone loves gadgets, that are not only for geeks or techies, but it is also for everyone who loves cool technology. Today we are going to list down the top 5  tech gadgets you can buy from Amazon in 2020 under 500 Rupees. These gadgets are of different types some increase your productivity, some help in keeping your day’s lot easier. Gadgets make life a lot easier, Amazon India have the wide variety of tech gadgets for your daily need.

1. HOME CUBE 1 Battery Tester 

Home Battery Testeer

Source: Amazon



 ₹ 299

Key Specs

  • Small and Practical Simple but effective little AA, AAA battery tester checker.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE – Testing Different Battery Types, it works with standard and rechargeable household batteries.

A must-have tool in every household meets the battery tester an interesting gadget that allows you to check if your battery has power in it or is it time to throw it. Don’t need to guess which batteries to keep and which to throw Away, Require No Battery to Operate, easy to read, digit indicates power level. Test the capacity of your battery in seconds, Double easy-to-read color-coded scales indelicate power level.

This gadget helps you check your battery if there is power in it or not the unit has a small meter that shows you good low and replaces you also get a slider at the bottom depending on your battery size just adjust the slider lookout for the plus and minus and place your battery the meter will show you how much power your battery has if it points to replace then it’s time to throw it if it still has power. It will display accordingly you can test all kinds of commonly used batteries be it triple-a double, square batteries yeah the square 9-volt battery.  So next time you throw the battery check it once. It cost only rupees 269 Price rises might fluctuate overall a must-have handy.

2. Water Tank Overflow Alarm 

Water flow alarm



₹ 319.00

Key Specs

  • Easy Installations – No Use Of Battery Now For This Product.
  • Alarm With A Sweet Voice That Alerts You Even If You Are Not Near To The Alarm.

The water overflow alarm is a water tank shaped simple alarm that alerts you when the water in your tank is full so you can switch off the motor on time to save both water and electricity. It is made of plastic and has a loudspeaker and simple circuitry just hang the unit next to a power outlet preferably near your motor switch and plug it.

Most plus an attractive point about this alarm system is that being no connection with 220V electricity, It’s shockproof alarm system as this system operates with only 2 Nos. AA size battery, which makes them unique and outstanding. No chance of electric shock at all. Design: This precisely designed alarm system is having a high-quality circuit and has used modern technology. It cost around rupees 99 prices might fluctuate overall a handy gadget to save water and power.

3. VAGMI Tumbler with USB HUB

Plastic timber with usb



 ₹ 399

Key Specs

  • Multifunction Pen stands for your table. 3 Items
  • 4 USB hub turns 1 USB port into 4
  • Built-in wire folds in when not being used
  • 4 USB ports capable of handling USB drives and hard disks

If you’re looking for a creative unique gift there is something that should try a pen stand, well you might think what can be special with the pen stand. This is a multi-purpose pen stand, of course, you can use it to store pens next you have a white USB cable around it which you can unwind that reveals four USB ports around it the ports can be used to connect your Pen drive, hard disk, smartphone, etc.

Basically the pen stand becomes a USB hub awesome isn’t it but wait next to the USB cable there’s a small switch which when turned on the whole stand becomes a lamp. How cool is that but that’s more it also has another cool feature on another site slide open the small part and you have a mobile stand that pops up so you can dock your phone handy. Overall an impressive multi-purpose pen stand which is also a USB hub a lamp and a smartphone stand. This cost around rupees 450 definitely an interesting product to own or gift.

4. Round Orange Lamp 

Orange light



₹ 309

Key Specs

  • MULTIPLE USES: Can be used in Bedroom, Kids Rooms, etc.
  • SAFE: Shock Proof, well build Strong, No wires, Child safe, Just Plug and Light.
  • INDIAN PLUG: Compatible with most of the Indian plug sockets. Highly Durable and light in weight. Energy saver long-life LED night light

A cute little night lamp fills Your Room with bright glow out of our stylish range of Go Hooked Night Lamps. With its usability Night lamp serve a good purpose at home as a decorative accessory and also creates a beautiful ambiance while sleeping. Can be used in Bedroom, Kids Rooms, Toilet, Hall, Passage & Waranda, durable product. Beautiful and attractive. Great for gifting purpose too. It has a one-watt output in person it’s an even brighter good amount of brightness that does not disturb your eyes It costs around rupee 200.

5. Heating bag, hot water bags for pain relief

hot bag



₹ 359

Key Specs

  • Sustainable-heating for 8-10 minutes. Can keep 2-8 hours insulation.
  • Air pressure explosion-proof automatic power, removable cleaning
  • Water and electricity separation hot water bag
  • Rapid heating, Safe and portable
  • Usage: Product can be safely used on your stomach, back, shoulders, neck, legs, and so on.

A must-have product at home we normally would have used hot water bags by filling water to massage or during cold conditions to keep us warm. Well no more pouring hot water burning your hands heating using microwave etc check out the electric thermal hot bag this is fascinating. What can be most relaxing than a hot pouch to relax your cramps, muscles, and joints?  Electric Hot Gel Bag, Pouch, Pack is an innovative way to reduce your time and stress. Forget about filling hot water in a bottle or rubber pouches. Just charge in the Hot Gel Bag and use it to relieve your pain. Definitely a handy product for around rupees 250.


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