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Top 10 Best Hybrid Smartwatches

The hybrid smartwatch is trickier than you might think. A watch that looks like classic analog design and hands with smartwatch technology. Finally, found some activity tracker that looks just like a watch. Now there are other smartwatches out there, but if you don’t need notifications caller ID and all that cool stuff that makes a Smartwatch more costly. Then check my top 10 best hybrid smartwatches in India.

1. Withings Activité Pop – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch

Withings Activité Pop - Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch



₹ 3,499.00

  • Tracks steps, elevation,  running, calories burned, and more.
  • Sleep cycle analysis with a silent alarm to start your day with a simple wake-up vibration
  • Fun to wear materials activate pop’s design extends across the smooth silicone watch strap
  • Free health mate app for real-time coaching.

The watch strap itself offering a silicon material. Offers a traditional buckle to keep the watch tightly around your wrist. The face is a traditional analog screen with a sub-dial indicating their activity progress throughout the day. Now unfortunately the dials do not glow in the dark, nor is there any backlight. In low lights and bright light situations, the contrast of watch and the colors offered makes the hand very visible. Not as for the mineral glass use it does feel somewhat new plastics.

Cell battery that lasts up to eight months the highly convenient considering most other activity trackers. You do have to charge it every five to seven days on average. Now talking about replacement it’s easy to do with Withings supply tool. Activity pop has the ability to automatically know when you’re sleeping walking and running and even swimming. Yes, the band is water-resistant for swimming up to 165 feet or basically 50 meters deep and the last feature is a band offering a silent vibrating alarm. If you’re a deep sleeper afraid this might not work for you know everyone’s a little different though so, of course, you have to test it out yourself.

 2. Fossil Collider Hybrid Hr Smartwatch – FTW7008

 Fossil Collider Hybrid Hr Smartwatch - FTW7008



₹ 14,995

  • Works with iPhone and Android Phones.
  • Enjoy 2+ weeks of battery life on a single charge
  • Heart Rate, Activity & Sleep Tracking with in-depth wellness stats
  • Receive and view smartphone notifications and alerts, see calendar and weather updates, control your music and more
  • Case Material: Stainless steel; case diameter: 42 mm; Stainless steel Bezel

The collider HR in dark brown color it’s a 42 millimeters stainless steel round case. That’s 13 millimeters thick the size is smaller than expected, and color darker than expected. In fact, it’s too dark if you compare it with the one on their website. The reason for getting this watch is the way it looks the watch strap also looks nice in person. The display so you’re not going to see much on it in dark there are LEDs in the corners that shine a light on the display. When you Double Tap.

Download the fossil app create an account it’s up and running in under five minutes. Press and hold the middle button to bring up the main menu press up or down to cycle through different functions of the watch. Notifications music control, health, workout, stopwatch, and timer that’s literally everything.  

3. Garmin Vívomove HR Fitness Tracking Watch

 Garmin Vívomove HR Fitness Tracking Watch



₹ 14,995

  •  Physical, ticking watch hands meet a crystal touchscreen and a discreet display.
  • Display – the hidden display is only visible when you want it to be when you’re not using it, it disappears into the device
  • Elevate wrist heart-rate – monitor heart rate at the wrist 24/7.

In 2016 Garmin came out with the vivomove, it wasn’t very popular even though there’s a lot of people out there. The device that looked like a watch, but was in fact an activity tracker, so they’re trying again in 2017 and really they updated to things with it. Favorite thing about this device is the design. I think it’s really attractive, it’s sleek, it’s super, lightweight. It’s 20-millimeter watchbands to have the quick-release pin on the back so you can just go on Amazon.

The second thing is they incorporated the heart rate sensor. So it’s Garmin’s Elevate heart rate sensor and that’s gonna help you with estimating your calories burned, your sleep, your effort level, all of that stuff. So loved the fact that they incorporated that I think any device that’s an activity tracker nowadays it should have a heart rate sensor. The third thing is that you would never know but if you look closely at the device you can see a small little hidden display. if you double-tap on the display that’s virtually the only way you can tell there’s a display. It is very small but it’ll show you things like the time of date, even the weather you can pause and play music. You can skip tracks you can do a bunch of stuff from this tiny little window.  

4. Fossil Neutra Hybrid Analog Black Dial Men’s

 Fossil Neutra Hybrid Analog Black Dial Men's



₹ 11,995

  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter: 45 millimeters, Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters, Buckle Clasp

A hybrid Smartwatch is effectively a normal-looking analog-style watch with physical hands and all that gives you some Smartwatch capability and functionality. When you pair it to your phone through the app. The classic styling and physical hands of a normal watch, but I kind of wanted to dip my toe into the Smartwatch waters. You can also map notifications to any of the numbers around the dial. So whether it’s a phone call or a text message or an app notification, a calendar notification you can set those and customize those. Whatever numbers you want now this is true of all smartwatches.

It also has sleep tracking these are two functions of the watch that a lot of people might be getting this watch. According to fossil, the battery will last up to a year depending on your usage. I have had this watch for six months. I wear it every day it’s paired to my phone every day and six months later it’s still going strong.   

5. Skagen Connected Black Dial Men’s Hybrid Smart Watch

 Skagen Connected Black Dial Men's Hybrid Smart Watch



₹ 11,621

  • Calling facilities are compatible with Android phones only
  • Built-in activity tracking, filtered notifications, and automatic time and date adjustment.
  • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music, and more with the customizable Skagen link button.
  • Track your everyday accomplishments including steps, distance, etc.

Skagen brings this classic design look to it with its court automated. Timepieces and adjustment that you would expect with of course the hybrid nature of a SmartWatch. As you’re looking at the watch face you can see it looks like a standard watch it looks like maybe you could have a chronograph. But those are actually different things that highlight some of the smart connectivity. It does have three buttons which cover some smart connectivity like of course your step coun,t your sleep activity, as well as setting up goals. if you are looking for the top 10 best Hybrid Smartwatches then this one is for you.

The watch now you can see the dial there with three different colors. there’s a part of your notifications and also you get a lot of the notifications on your smartphone. The idea is to move the pure numbers of smart connectivity to the phone keeping the stylish look off the watch. So you still have that classic watch band look where your question can easily check the time. If you use and activate those buttons you give you different functionality.  

6. Emporio Armani Men’s Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

 Emporio Armani Men's Connected Hybrid Smartwatch



₹ 15,721

  • Strap material: leather; Adjustable buckle closure, features: Activity Monitor, Android Wear.
  • Built-in activity tracking, filtered notifications, and automatic time and date adjustment.
  • Snap a photo, ring your phone, control your music, and more with the customizable link button.

Armani connected hybrid SmartWatch now this is a super interesting watch. And the first of its kind and I really want to get into it so let’s check it out. So overall this is a hybrid SmartWatch. There’s a lot of enticing features about this besides the exquisite look, it’s great for business as you can tell it comes in a bunch of different color combinations. And the stainless steel mixed with the leather band really makes the SmartWatch stand out compared to all the competitors on the market. Especially smartwatches but even regular watches this rivals a lot of regular watches and design now this does not need to be charged this has a battery that they say lasts about six months. 

7. Fossil Hybrid Men’s Smart Watch – FTW1149

Fossil Hybrid Men's Smart Watch - FTW1149



₹ 8,995

  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type- Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter- 42 mm
  • Compatibility: Android OS 5.0+, iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+, Smartphone App 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

Fossil Q commuter hybrid SmartWatch is an amazing timepiece. If you’re going to get yourself a faster SmartWatch definitely does go for the commuter variant. It’s a mixture between a regular and also a SmartWatch the hybrid SmartWatch. It only uses very minimal Bluetooth energy therefore you wouldn’t notice any significant drop in terms of battery drainage on your smart device. It has a built-in pedometer that will record the number of steps that you take per day. The fossil Q has a dedicated application that houses all of the different features of the hybrid SmartWatch.

So let’s say if I’m at the gym and I don’t want to touch my phone. So much I can slowly control and cycle through my music using just the hybrid smart launch. How cool is that on our next feature it’s called a ring phone and it’s pretty much a find my Android kind of thing so once this is activated on the hybrid watch your phone will ring at the maximum volume. You can also choose a specific ringtone that you want to it bear in mind. 

8. Titan Connected 2.0 Hybrid Smart Watch

 Titan Connected 2.0 Hybrid Smart Watch



₹ 8,395

  • Watch Movement Type: processor, Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter: 50 millimeters
  • Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters, Buckle Clasp
  • Hybrid, Dual time

When you forget your phone anywhere in the house, behind the cushion, under the bedsheet, you can simply press a button on the watch and the watch and your smartphone will actually start beeping. To show you where it is it will start ringing and you can find it. Rather than you’re not running around all over the place but that’s not all there is a safety feature as well and if you press the button for a long duration on the watch you actually get an SOS alert. A  good looking watch that you could pick off the shelf you can recharge it as well there is a charger that’s provided. If you charge it for about five minutes in the day.

9. Sonata Stride Pro Hybrid Smart Watch

 Sonata Stride Pro Hybrid Smart Watch



₹ 2,445.00

  • Watch Movement Type: Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Case Material: Plastic, Case Diameter: 45.4 millimeters
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters, Buckle Clasp
  • Hybrid Smartwatch

Sonata stride, a smartwatch for everyone. It can track your steps and calorie while you go through the day. Customize alert for when you want to take a break, remind to drink water, etc. An inbuilt sleep tracker helps you to take quality sleep. Comes with 1 Year Battery Life.

10. LG W7 Smartwatch with Swiss Effect WiFi

 Sonata Stride Pro Hybrid Smart Watch



₹ 15,990

  • Smart Watch with Swiss Design
  • Mechanical Hands with Precision Movement:  
  • Operating System: Wear OS by Google ;
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2
  • Latest Version of Wear OS by Google
  • 3.048cm (1.2) Edge-to-Edge Display
  • Powerful battery with a back up of more than 4 days

The LG Watch W7  is a hybrid smartwatch, a real masterpiece of Swiss engineering. With real watch hands, it is a revolutionary smartwatch with the latest Wear OS by Google, as well as a sleek, premium stainless-steel design.  W7 have a 1.2-inch edge-to-edge display for easy viewing indoors and out, with Dust & Water Resistant IP68 rating you can get more from your outdoor adventures.

Download the official health apps from the Play store and track your fitness progress on your wrist. Get the notifications like the latest text messages, email notifications, caller’s name, and much more without to take the phone from your pocket. The built quality of the watch is awesome, the watch case made up of 316L grade stainless steel. When you turn on the device it boots up with the latest wear os from Google. It got 100 days of power backup in watch-only mode. 

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