Snapchat Spectacles 3: 3D Smart Glasses

Snapchat’s spectacles 3 these are not VR glasses and these are also not really AR glasses. So what are they, being sunglasses with two cameras on them spectacles. This allows you to take photos and videos in 3d and then you can send over these pictures to your smartphone. And then on your smartphone, you can apply the typical Snapchat filters and then you can send your videos and pictures. Sound interesting and well this cost quite a lot in my opinion 380 dollars.

snapchat spectacles 3

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  • 3D Video & Photos: Meet Spectacles 3 — Camera glasses that capture your world in 3D.
  • Two HD cameras record 3D videos and photos at 60 fps.
  • Four built-in microphones capture immersive, high-fidelity audio.
  • 3D Effects: Reimagine the moment with a suite of 3D Effects on Snapchat.

What can you do with Snapchat Spectacles 3?

The spectacles will automatically sync the pictures and the videos to your smartphone into the Snapchat app. If you want you can activate the 3d viewing mode simply click and then you put your smartphone into the cardboard headset and you will see your video in beautiful 3d. You can see your picture in beautiful 3d and it really works nicely people who don’t know VR will be fascinated. And for us who know VR yeah it’s nice so then if you want you can apply those typical Snapchat filters to your videos.

Because the videos have been taken in 3d with the help of the app will know where are the walls and where is the floor. So it will then adjust its filters to your surroundings which is pretty nice. I think it’s a cool functionality that you can simply snap a video simply by clicking the button. Of course an added benefit it’s a cool feature and you can put your phone into a cardboard VR headset and the 3d effect is really cool.  Probably three hundred eighty dollars is quite expensive.

And I believe for most of us this would be too expensive. For those of you who have three hundred eighty dollars just to spend. And will who always want to get the latest yeah why not I think for you, it might be interesting. However, I believe in the future this has lots of potential spectacles four five six I believe they’re going to be amazing.

Evan Spiegel the CEO of Snapchat he said that he understands that at this moment. The functionality is not so great because you actually cannot see the filters directly in the glasses. And have to apply filters in the app but later, of course you can. 

Snapchat Spectacles 3 Price

Well, this cost quite a lot in my opinion 380 dollars. Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 Price in India Start at ₹29,999 and available on Flipkart.

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