Redmi Slim Power Bank

Redmi 10000 mAh Fast Charging Slim Power Bank (Black, 10W Fast Charging, Dual Ports)





Connector Type

USB, Micro USB

Battery Capacity

10000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)

Output Current

2.4 Amps


Redmi Slim Power Bank

Redmi Slim Power Bank features : 

Colour:White / Black   |  Size name:10000 mAh  |  Pattern name:Powerbank

The all-new 10000mAh Redmi Power Bank is a portable powerhouse that comes with 10W Fast Charging that ensures that your devices charge quickly and you can be on the move.

The all-new design now features Dual-port input (Micro-USB/USB-C) and Dual USB output with two-way fast charging without compromising on size and quality.

More About this item

  • Capacity: It will charge a 3000mAh phone battery 2.1 times & It will charge a 4000mAh phone battery 1.75 times

  • Output: Double USB output 5.1V/2.6A 10 Watts Fast Charge (Intelligently adjusts power output up to 10W to deliver fast & efficient charging for each connected device)

  • Body Material: Plastic | 246.5 grams

  • Included in the box: 1 Micro USB Cable, 1 User Manual and 1 Power Bank (Charger not included)

  • Input & Charge time: Approx 7.5 hours( 10W(5V/2A) charger, standard USB cable)

  • USB Ports: Dual input ports (Micro USB & Type-C)

  • Warranty: 6 months domestic warranty | For queries please contact 18001036286


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