iPhone 12 series launch date: delayed due to COVID-19

Apple has confirmed the release of its latest iPhone in 2020 will be delayed due to coronavirus. What we already knew their investors confirmed that normally we’ll release at the end of September. But that will be delayed by a few weeks because of coronavirus. Apple had been pre hit pretty hard in their production and that set back the release of the iPhone 12.

The production of the iPhone 12 back a little while, you can’t start producing the iPhone 12. The month before it comes out that production normally ramps up several months in advance. So that’s definitely going to be affected. It’s also because too their supply chain was severely disrupted. As well so other companies that supply components and other parts for iPhone 12 were also in lockdown. During that period many of them located in China as well so yes expect to see a launch event sometime in September.

At the usual time but instead of it going on sale a couple of weeks, later in late September or early October, even early November before we see the iPhone 12 in stores. And this is a big one because it’s going to be Apple’s very first 5g device. As well, so they’re expecting a lot of people interested. It’s also going to have a slightly tweaked design as well so uh yeah there’s going to be a lot of people interested in this.

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