India Considering Ban of PUBG and other chinese apps

After tick-tock, India considers banning Pubg, AliExpress, and hundreds of other Chinese apps from the Play Store or App Store. India and China seem to be sort of some software tech software wars. They just made the call pulled the trigger on a bunch of big apps. Now they may be increasing that 47 Chinese clone apps have been vetoed so that’s the latest banning.

It’s a bunch of those you know the knockoff apps like the clone versions, yes which sometimes exists as an alternative. For whatever reason but then also ramp-up in production, when one gets when something gets banned. Other key apps that weren’t part of the original list that could really affect some people including apps by the name.

PUBG is now on that list they’re a little wildly popular multiplayer game.  Because as you know I think Pubg got Tencent money in it right a little bit of Tencent money is enough to get you on the India radar for the investor for the regulators. They just look for Tencent they go down the list oh that app got a Tencent piece.

Companies With Chinese Investments

AliExpress is on this list and so that’s a big e-commerce player that could potentially be banned. Now keep in mind these aren’t banned they’re just on this list they’re getting some extra scrutiny right now. You’ve got Clash of Clans on there because they took a Tencent investment as well and then some other bike dance apps and even a Xiaomi app.

Well, it’s just a game it’s pubg who cares like it gets banned what’s the big deal. But it’s these pieces of software with huge installed bases. You have to look at it a bit differently here the concern here is around data. Where the data is flowing and what these apps know about you and where they’re all plugged in and tied in some security around bike dance. 

What the app is doing in the background so it really doesn’t matter if it’s pubg or if it’s ticktock. These massive installed apps are capable of transmitting tremendous amounts of user data which is still on paper. 

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