BlackBerry returns with physical keyboard 5G phone in 2021

If you are a BlackBerry fan then the best news is that BlackBerry returns with physical keyboard 5G phone in 2021.

So a lot of people have been really concerned. Because the blackberry mobile licensing agreement is set to expire on August 31st. Which is just about two weeks from now because of today.

I woke up this morning and I saw that there was an official announcement. A new company named OnwardMobility has licensed the name. Texas-based startup announced its agreement to release a new Android-based BlackBerry smartphone in mid-2021 after TCL dropped it in early 2020.

There are not really any details on this phone is going to be. Other than the fact that they said it’s going to come out in the first half of 2021. And good news it’s going to have 5g. If you look right on the market that means that my guesses will probably get a 7 series chipset. Because that’s the lowest level introductory chipset that you can get that has 5g. At least to my knowledge but all things aside there’s not really any information right now other than it’s coming soon.

But the important thing is blackberry is not dead. BlackBerry is very much alive and there’s going to be a new device. Barring any other craziness happening of course until the device actually hits the streets.

You can go check out the article on Crackberry.  We love blackberry and everybody knows it so super happy about this super excited.

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